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HICity(Haneda Innovation City)

HICity(Haneda Innovation City)

If you love to see planes taking off and landing, I would like to recommended the newest and hot spot nearby our hotel. It is Haneda Innovation City (HICity) which was opened for public in July 2020. It is located just next to the Haneda Int’l Airport station. The nearest station from here is Tenkubashi Station. You can see the planes flying above you. There are cafes, bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy different foods and beverages. Various events, exhibitions are held in the complex which helps to experience Japanese culture and arts. Outdoor footbath can also be enjoyed here. There are some portions under construction in this complex. It is planning to bring more services in 2022.



Ota-ku Community Share Bicycle (docomo-cycle)

Ota-ku Community Share Bicycle (docomo-cycle)

Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori has started the station for Ota-ku community share bicycle.

You can rent and return a bicycle from here. Registration can be done 24/7 by PC or mobile which can receive e-mail. You can rent it according to your need. Rental plan such as one trip, 1-day pass and monthly membership are available. Choose the best plan which is suitable for you.

For detail information;


Enjoy Homestyle Japanese dishes OOTOYA

Enjoy Homestyle Japanese dishes OOTOYA

Hello everyone,

Japanese food is becoming popular and common all over the world these days and one of the must-do things when in Japan is trying the authentic, homestyle Japanese dishes, so I would like to introduce my favorite Japanese restaurant nearby. The name of the restaurant is OOTOYA.

It is a nationally developed restaurant chain mainly focusing on Japanese cuisine.
The best feature of OOTOYA is the authenticity of the many Japanese dishes, prepared in a homestyle manner. From grilled and boiled fish to different hot pot dishes and fried delicacies, all the dishes are served with rice and miso-soup as a set menu at reasonable prices.

Carefully prepared by the masterful chefs, they’re not only extraordinarily delicious but also nutritious and healthy.

OOTOYA’s restaurants are often busy with fans of all ages that enjoy the delicious Japanese homestyle cuisine.


Address: 3-35-10, Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0013

Access: Keikyu Main Line Omori-Kaigan Station 3-minute walk, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line Omori Station East Exit 6-minute walk

Hours: 11:00 – 23:00


Tokyo combination ticket

Tokyo combination ticket

Hello! Everyone


Today, I want to recommend you all, the best and cheapest way to explore Tokyo.

Most of the foreign guests are facing the problems relating public transportation.

In this blog, I will be describing about Tokyo combination ticket which will help you to explore Tokyo city easily. It costs 1590 JPY for adult and 800 JPY for children.

The ticket can be bought at JR (Japan railways) Ticket Offices (Midori no Madoguchi) at

JR Omori station and at JR Shinagawa station.

These both stations are the nearest place from our hotel.

The validity is for one day specified by the customer which must be within

a month from the day purchased. It allows unlimited rides on Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway,

Toei Streetcar (Toden), Toei Bus (except for buses with fixed seats, etc.),

all sections of Nippori-Toneri Liner as well as all JR East lines within

the Tokyo metropolitan area for one day as stated on the ticket.

This ticket can be refunded before tickets are used and have yet to expire.

In this case, Tokyo Metro, JR and Toei Subway handling fees will be charged.

There are also other various passes issued by JR and Tokyo Metro.

Visit JR and Tokyo metro websites for detail information.


~Keihin Kyuko Line(KEIKYU) – Omori Kaigan Station~

~Keihin Kyuko Line(KEIKYU) – Omori Kaigan Station~


Hello, everyone!!!

Today, we would like to introduce the “Omorikaigan Train Station (大森海岸駅)”, Station no. KK07 which is the nearest station to our hotel.

Omorikaigan Station lies in Keikyu Main Line between Tachiaigawa Station and Heiwajima Station. The station is the borders of Shinagawa and Ota wards.


This station has a history of century. It was opened in Feb 1 1901 as a Hachiman station. Later in 1905 it was renamed as Kaigan station (coastal station). The current name is given in 1933.


Kaigan (海岸) means coastline. From 1901 until 1960, there was a coastline near by the present national route #15, the landfill became wider and wider so the coastline reached far from the station.


There are various attractions around the station. Some of them are;

Shinagawa Aquarium :

It take about 10min on foot from Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori

Tokyo City Keiba :

It take about 25min on foot from Hotel, 5min by car from Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori

Boat Race Heiwajima :

It take about 15min on foot from Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori

Space Athletic Tondemi :

It take about 15min on foot from Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori


Shinagawa Historical Museum

Shinagawa Historical Museum

Hello everyone,


Shinagawa Historical Mus. was opened for the purpose of preservation and utilization of native district document,
improvement of inhabitants culture in 1985 (60, Showa).
We can learn the history of Shinagawa before the primitive ancient times reaching by permanent construction display that
we did around Shinagawa accommodation which prospered as post town where
Shell-mound of Ohmori and Tokaido said to be the Japanese archeology birthplace are first in the present age.


In addition, we comprise study overlooking Japanese garden and are used as place of traditional cultural activities including tea ceremony.


The opening date and time
◎Opening time from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (as for the entering a building until 4:30 p.m.)
◎Closed day Monday Sundays and holidays
(when it falls on the opening, Monday on Sunday when we are piled up on the next day Closure), the year-end and New Year holidays
※There is the temporary closure such as display substitute, reference library fumigation, too.


General 100 (80) Japanese yen / Primary and secondary student 50 (40) Japanese yen
※Resident primary and secondary student in Shinagawa Ward City, one 70 years or older, impaired one free


Now open “How would people who lived take this change in Meiji Restoration – – – Shinagawa?”

Because many unemployed people and foreigners did one Shinagawa accommodation of post town of Tokaido by the late Tokugawa period,

we are told that the peace and order turned worse. In addition, by rise in prices,

breaking-down assault occurred and was time when uneasiness increased.

Furthermore, life including railroad opening greatly changes when we enter the Meiji period. At this exhibition,
we do change of Shinagawa area of such Meiji Restoration period centering on viewpoint of people who lived on Shinagawa and take up.


Narita International Airport Transportation

Narita International Airport Transportation

Hello everyone,

We hope everyone is doing well.

Today we would like to share information about how to access to and from Narita International Airport. As you know well, Tmark City Hotel, Tokyo, Omori is located right near Keikyu Line, Omorikaigan Station. Although you can access to Airport by other means, we would like to recommend Narita Express(N’EX) from Shinagawa Station to Narita International Airport.


Narita International Airport.

↓  (Narita Express, JR Line)

(I hour, 08min)

Shinagawa Station

↓  (Platform no. 1, local, Keikyu Line)

(10 min)

Omorikaigan Station.

T Mark City Hotel, Tokyo, Omori.



2018 Ota Commerce (AKINAI) & Tourism Fair

2018 Ota Commerce (AKINAI) & Tourism Fair

The Ota Commerce(AKINAI) & Tourism Fair, now its 11th year, is an event where attendees from Ota and elsewhere can rediscover the charm of Ota City.


It indroduces stores selling merhandise characteristic in Ota City; artisans and businesses with excellent technology, manufacturing household goods and other products; and tourist sports throughout the city.


Each year, the Fair has attracted a large number of attendees; approximately 10,000people in twe days.


Dates / Venue

Dates:10am~5pm (21th close at 4pm)

Venue:Ota City Industrial Plaza (Pio)

1-20-20 Minamikamata,Ota City, Tokyo, Japan 144-0035




Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying pleasant weather of September.
Today, we would like to introduce you “OTA MARKET”, a market for vegetables, fruits, fishes and flowers.
It was opened in 1989 for vegetables, fruits and fishery.
After two years of its opeinig, it was enlarged and added flowers as well.
It is located near to coastal area occupying 400000 square meters.
It is near to Nojima Park, Haneda International Airport, JR Cargo Center and Tokyo Bay.
It has an easy access to highway in terms of transportation.


For further details;

OTA MARKET,3-2-1 Tokai, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
Tel- 03-3790-8301




Hello everyone!!!


Today, we would like to introduce “TONDEMI”, an athletic center which is newly opened in Ota ward.
It is quite spacious with an area of 1200 square meters and is a three storied building,

which has all new equipment and is a flagship center.
It can be enjoyed both by individuals and group of people where you can experience lots of activities.
It is just 10 minutes by walk from Omori Station.
We highly recommend you to visit there once during your stay at our hotel.


For further details:

TONDEMI, 1-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006

Tel: 03-6404-9935


Shinagawa Acquarium!!

Shinagawa Acquarium!!

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

August has just began and it is still hot and humid weather outside. Please be careful of dehydration.
This time, we would like to introduce Shinagawa Acquarium. It was opened in 1991 in honor of the inhabitants request who were living in Shinagawa ward.
This includes two storied centre with an underground floor as well. The popular attractions of this acquarium are penguin hall, penguin land, dolphine stadium etc.
Please visit once while you visit Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori.

Shinagawa Acquarium,

Open: 10:00~17:00 (16:30)

Closed: Tuesday every week

Address: 3-2-1 Katsushima, Shinagawa 140-0012.


Iwai Shrine festival!!

Iwai Shrine festival!!

Hello everyone, it has been a couple of weeks since our grand opening.
Weathre has not been pleasant for quite a few days, please make be careful of heat exhausion by hydrating yourself.
Today, we would like to introduce a festival that is going to be take place around Omori, Tokyo. It is on August3rd to August 5th at Iwai Shrine.
Details here, August 3rd, Friday, 18:00~ enshrine the spirit out. 19:30 ~10:00 Adult mikoshi.
August 4th, Saturday, 9:00~11:50 Children mikoshi and druming starts.
August 5th, Sunday, gathering at Omori Haitsu 8:00~11:00. Children mikoshi and druming.


Opening in two months!!

Opening in two months!!

Hello everyone!!!


The weather is not so pleasant lately.

However, Tmark City Hotel Omori Tokyo building is completed and getting ready to welcome our guests.
Our Hotel is 13 storied white colored building standing just near to Keikyu Omorikaigan station.
We accepts reservation. Be the first to reserve our hotel!



Spring comes along with cherry blossoms!

Hello everyone!

The season also became warm with the arrival of cherry blossoms.

T Mark City Hotel Tokyo Omori is also proceeding with interior construction and is preparing steadily.

We have already started reservation.

Please come to T Mark City Hotel Tokyo Omori.

All the staff look forward to seeing you!



Tmark City Hotel Tokyo Omori